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Management Development

A comprehensive range of Management Training and Development workshops customised to your organisation, and delivered in house offering complete flexibility and adaptability in terms of skill range, level and duration. Just identify the SKILL DEVELOPMENT AREAS you need delivering, select a WORKSHOP OPTION, contact us to discuss your customisation requirements and agree a delivery date and we will do the rest.


Skill Development Areas

Understanding leadership
Understand how to establish an effective team
Understanding how to motivate to improve performance
Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace
Objective Setting
Understanding recruitment and selection of new staff in the workplace
Understanding performance management
Performance reviews / appraisals
Managing discipline
Managing absence
Understanding conflict management in the workplace
Giving and receiving feedback
Understand how to lead effective meetings
Managing diversity
Planning and allocating work
Contributing to innovation and creativity in the workplace
Understading customer service standards and requirements
Understanding the organisation and its context
Developing yourself and others
Understanding training and coaching in the workplace
Mentoring skills
Trainer the trainer
Presentation skills - basic / advanced
Giving briefings and making presentations 
Solving problems and making decisions
Business strategy and planning 
Understanding costs and budgets in an organisation
Managing workplace projects
Understanding innovation and change in the workplace
Understanding negotiation and networking in the workplace
Internal consultancy skills
Understanding health and safety in the workplace
Writing for business
Understanding discipline in the workplace
Understanding marketing for manager




Want your employees to have those key management skills but they don't have time to take a day out?


Then try an ESSENTIALS Workshops Option – Key Skills delivered in only 3 HOURS!



Our One Day Workshops set the "standard" for high impact, highly interactive training designed to get your employees learning and applying the skills in the workshop.


Most importantly, they will take away meaningful actions and applicable tools to allow them to immediately transfer the skills learnt into their jobs in real life.



Any number of skill development areas can be combined to produce a specific programme of 2+ Days to deliver the range of skills your employees need to succeed.


For examples of Workshops and Programmes, click here


If you would like details of a programme outline please contact us.

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